Jenga BoomOh, Jenga Boom. You combine the nerve wrecking thoughts of wrecking the Jenga tower with the nerve wrecking anticipation of doom that comes with a game of Perfection.

In Jenga Boom you have to set the timer by pulling the cord, build the tower, and take turns removing blocks from the tower and adding them to the top in typical Jenga fashion. Each turn you hit the play button, take your turn, then hit the stop button. Slowly, ever so slowly, the timer counts down. Then, BOOM, the tower comes crashing down.

It’s a total gimmick, but it works. My kids went nuts over the detonator, and deliberately took their turns slowly so they could watch the tower come crashing down after an “explosion.”

The only thing to keep in mind here is that while  Jenga tower is the same height as a regular tower, much of that height comes from the base. That means you’re working with less blocks than you would with a regular set.

That being said, the game is a great dexterity game with a timed element. While not for everyone, it’s a great game to take out and play with the family. My kids are asking me to stop writing and play this again as we speak.

Jenga Boom was provided free for review by Hasbro.