Wizkids continues to crank out the hew sets for their heroclix game system, and this week they are announcing the latest addition to the lineup, Bioshock Infinite.

Based on the highly successful Bioshock videogame series from Irrational Games (published by 2K Games,) the Bioshock Inifinte Heroclix line will include a starter set with 6 figures, and random mini packs of 14 more figures.  The setting is early turn of the century America, and the genre is steampunk.  Expect to see a motorized patriot in the shape of George Washington, carrying a Gatling gun, with the flag draped across his back.


Playable as part of your existing Heroclix world, or as a stand alone world, this will be available for purchase this summer, and is available for pre-order now.  So go to your local game store, and get your vigors.