Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.Line dice is a simple as it is striking. Each black die has path sections on it, and each player uses their dice to try and add on to the current path. Seems easy, but it can get pretty rough.

At that start of the game all the players divvy up the dice and roll them. This gives them their hand for the game. The first player places a die on the table, thus starting the path for the game. Certain arrows have an arrow on them to help distinguish what direction the die must be played in. All arrows in a game have to face the same way.

I sat down with my children to play this one, and at first it seemed far too simple. After a few rounds it became clear that the game can turn quite nasty. You see in Line Dice you’re trying to make it so other players can’t play any dice. If you can’t play a die, you’re out of the round. Of course you need to make sure you keep good pieces for when you need to get out of a tight situation.

LineDice-PackShot01aThe game is a wonderful filler, and a few rounds can be played very quickly. It’s also extremely portable, since it’s only a bunch of dice.

So far we’ve had a good time with it, and the kids keep asking to bring it to the table between heavier games.

A copy of Line Dice was provided free for review by World Wide Chaos, Inc.