Wycliffe Brothers Backgammon SetThe new Wycliffe Brothers Backgammon sets available exclusively from GammonVillage feature:

  • A proprietary playing surface (“V-Fiber”) that allows the checkers to “glide effortlessly” while offering the “perfect amount of friction to ensure your checkers remain in place if the board is bumped or moved.”
  • Oversized checkers that “reduce the instances of cocked dice, so more time is spent on game play rather than re-rolling the dice.”
  • “Ergonomically designed” dice cups “lined with the same V-Fiber to keep the noise of shaking to an absolute minimum” and “equipped with tournament grade trip-lip, just to make sure the dice fall randomly and cannot be manipulated.”

All that technology on sale for only $240!?!

Actually, no. You can get another 10% off with coupon code “WycliffeG2”.