BoardGameGeek recently tweeted a picture of a Star Wars themed Carcassonne game. According to the gaming website, licensing for Star Wars has already been approved, but is waiting for approval on the box art, tiles, and game play mechanics.

Additional images of the game started appearing around the Internet about a week ago, during the Nuremburg-based toy fair Spielwarenmesse. ICv2 notes that the game’s original publisher Hans im Gluck Verlag announced that the game would be released in Autumn of 2015. There is no official information regarding whether Z-Man Games will produce the English version but the company’s spokesperson told ICv2 that they are in talks with Hans im Gluck to negotiate the rights of “several games.”

In other Star Wars gaming news, Hasbro just announced a new game based on the action board game Loopin’ Louie. Loopin’ Chewie was unveiled via The Nerdest.

Strangely, the game is for two to three players, which is different from the original, which maxed out at four players.

The iconic Wookie sits in a mini Millennium Falcon and spins around, taking out Stormtroopers.

The game is scheduled to launch this September at most toy and games retailers for $24.99.