Are you a wrestling fan? Remember M.U.S.C.L.E Men? Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling, designed by Ryan Cowler, may be for you.

Currently on Kickstarter, SuperP.L.E.X. is a wallet-style game with a minimal amount of cards that packs in a lot of gameplay. The base game only has 18 cards, 2 of which make up the wrestling ring. Players take control of a wrestler, and build a hand of wrestling moves to try and take down their opponent.

SuperP.L.E.X. plays like a game of Tug of War as each player tries to break through with their attacks and build their combos for more devastating effects. Counters can be made which reset the combo meter, and bonuses can be earned depending where in the ring you are. It’s fast, fun, and fully of 80’s wrestling nostalgia with it’s outlandish characters and insane power moves.

The campaign is almost over, and the game has been more than funded. $3 gets you the print and play, while $8 gets you the base game and stretch goals. The rewards just grow from there. $11 gets you the game with the tag-team bonus pack, and $30 gets you a deluxe version of the game with play mat and meeples.

My opinion? Stick with one of the wallet versions. They’re super portable, very durable, and a great way to take the game with you wherever you go. The quick nature and small footprint make it a perfect travel game.

An early release copy of SuperP.L.E.X. was provided free for preview by Button Shy Games.