Wizard’s Academy is a cooperative game for 2-6 players where the players are trying to save their school using magic way beyond their limits. I received a preview of the game in prototype form to put it through its paces. Note that all my components were hand made, so this preview doesn’t take them into account. The final version of the game will include miniatures, etc…

The basics of the game are that you’re going to draw a threat each round and try to endure that threat. You do this mainly by casting spells, the absolute best part of the game. The game is actually pretty simple to learn, though a first look through the rules may make you think otherwise. I’d say it only took my oldest 2 kids and I about 15 minutes to get into the swing of things.

I can say I’m a fan. The modular nature of the game, spells, etc… create interesting variations that I can see effecting play in many different ways over several plays. There’s always more than one way to solve a problem, and I think that’s one of the best features about the game. You can come at problems totally different ways and yet still come out on top.

The game is approachable, fun, and most importantly, satisfying.  Take a look at the rules yourself, then consider backing the project. A pledge of $75 will get you the game and shipping once it’s funded.

A preview copy of Wizard’s Academy was provided for free by 3DTotal Games.


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Custom Card for 404: Law Not Found

This kind of comes long after the fact, but I had all but forgotten about this until I was going through my Google Drive today. Back when I had received my Kickstarter preview copy of 404: Law Not Found the designer had asked for an interesting fact about my oldest son since he enjoyed the game so much. I told him that my son, having a mild ASD, was like a human GPS. The kid memorizes maps and can tell you how to get anywhere, including using alternate routes, without a second though. Greg then sent me this card to use in the game:

404_chip_cards_front33 404_chip_cards_front34

It adds an excellent ability to the game, without being super overpowered. I figured I should share the card here for fans of the game. Just click on each image to pull up the full size, and right click to save.

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