Fifty Shades of Grey Party GameYou may recall that a while ago David posted about the 50 Shades of Grey Party Game. A game were you’re on the path to “find your inner goddess.” I often wondered how terribly graphic the game would be, considering the books off which it’s based.

Apparently not very graphic at all.

The Huffington Post invited Sarah Heyward, a writer for the HBO series “Girls”, to play the game while being filmed. The video is pretty funny, but the real interesting part is one of the main takeaways they got from playing the game.

Remember playing Girl Talk and Mall Madness when you were 11? Each was more suggestive than what we encountered on our journey to “find our inner goddesses.”

So, wait. A game based off the popular kinky-sex books isn’t even remotely suggestive? Sounds like this could disappoint quite a few fans.

Then again, I never played Mall Madness. So maybe this is pretty suggestive and Mall Madness is a game that’s more racy than the 50 Shades Trilogy.

[via: The Huffington Post]