The theater department of Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon has a history of adopting Paizo’s roleplaying games to the stage. The school’s next production, Night of Ashes, is a prequel for the Hell’s Rebels Pathfinder Adventure Path. With performances scheduled for November, the school’s PTA has turned to Kickstarter for help in funding video equipment to record the event, including a GoPro to capture elements of the show that will be audience-interactive. Extra funds will be used to improve costuming.

Cleveland High School Pathfinder

Back when I was in high school (in the 1980s), there were fanzines, like The Oracle for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Now The Play Generated Map and Document Archive wants to reprint it bound in hardcover.

More on the cutting-edge, Aether Forge Miniatures is looking for support to produce a line of modular space ship miniatures. Individual sections would fit together to form custom ships. Though I love the idea, I do have to point out that Aether Forge is really just one guy still teaching himself how to use 3D modeling software.

With a slicker presentation is Less, a simple abstract strategy game played on a modular board. The goal is to jump one’s pieces in to the opponent’s corner, three moves per turn. The board’s modularity, however means that each game there will be a different configuration of walls getting in the way. Fortunately pieces can jump walls, just at the cost of an extra move.

Walls is another race-through-the-maze type abstract strategy game. What makes this one interesting, though, is that players can change the maze during the course of the game, clearing a path for themselves or blocking their opponents. Each turn, a player rolls two dice, one for the number of spaces they can move, one for the number of walls they can turn.

Booze Barons is a deduction game about competing bootleggers during prohibition. As players move their game pawns around to different speakeasies and other locations, they their goal is to figure out which other player is making which kind of booze. The game accommodates up to nine players, always in three aligned mobs.

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