amazon_logoThe Amazon Boardgame sale has gone live. For the past few years, has been holding a boardgame sale on the Saturday during Gen Con, with the occasional addition of new games over the course of the day. Games are generally marked down to 50% of MSRP. The only RPG being offered at the moment is the Fate Core rulebook. Boardgames (at the moment) include Five Tribes, Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak, Dixit, Tzolk’in, Flash Point, Libertalia, Tsuro, Tokaido, Ticket to Ride Europe, Kingdom Builder, and more. The boardgame sale is a one-day event.


Edit: Today is no longer the Saturday of Gen Con.


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G.I. Joe Licensed for Fanfic on Kindle Worlds

G.I. JoeAmazon and Hasbro have signed a licensing agreement that will allow independent writers to publish G.I. Joe stories through the Kindle Worlds program. The arrangement coincides with the action figure’s 50th anniversary.

G.I. Joe was first put on display at the 1964 New York Toy Fair and entered the retail market before the holiday season later that year.

Among a number of other Kindle Worlds licenses announced at the same time was Veronica Mars.

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