Knapsack Games is just about ready to launch a Kickstarter project for their new game, Apotheca: The Secret Potion Society. I had a chance to try out a preview copy of the game with my family, and was marveled by the ease of play and the depth available. The game says it’s for 14+, but with a little help with some of the reading, even my 5 year old got in on the action.

In Apotheca, you’re trying to create 3 potions by matching 3 secret potion tiles of the same type on the board. During the game you’ll be secretly seeding the board with face down tiles, moving things around the board using the powers of 15 apothecaries, and flipping over tiles in hopes for a match. Apothecaries can be hired with gems earned by revealing potions on the board, but their powers are spent when a match is made.

Play is quick. Knapsack says about 30 minutes, and once you get the hang of things it’s about that, or even less. Our first game took around 45 minutes, but I pretty much expected that since I was reading the rules for the first time as we played.

Apotheca’s Kickstarter goes live on June 16th, and for a $35 pledge you can get the full game if funded. If you only want a print-and-play version you can pledge $10. Knapsack is looking for $20,000 to fund the game, and I’m really hoping they reach that number. Apotheca is an excellent game, and one that I hope I can add a production copy of to my collection.


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