New from Games Workshop is Astartes Ultra, a complete chapter of nearly 1,200 Space Marine models for $11,690. The figures are supposed to represent some army of Ultramarines at an important battle in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. But if you’d considering spending that kind of money on Warhammer, you don’t need my explanation.

At under $10 per figure, including rhinos, gunships, drop pods, and land speeders—also delivery—Astartes Ultra may not be such a bad deal. Still, that’s a lot of assembly and painting. And the package comes with a signed Codex: Space Marines, a signed Insignium Astartes, a Chapter organization chart, a breakdown of the composition of each of the 10 companies, a signed art print of the Codex: Space Marines book cover, and a signed art print of Paul Dainton’s painting of the Ultramarines assembled for battle.

Astartes Ultra

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