APG002 contains

Next month Aporta Games is releasing Automania, a game running a car factory and getting cars to market. The game involves upgrading your factories and hiring specialists in the most optimal way to create the best cars, gain prestige, and win the game. Each player has 3 assembly lines, but different upgrades can intersect through them, effecting all your lines. Careful planning is key to manufacturing the best automobile.

Automania will be for 2-4 players ages 12+ and will play in 60-90 minutes. Retail price will be $54.99.

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ModCubeModCubes are dice-like accessories with exchangeable faces. They’ll ship with symbols for use as marker tokens in Star Wars X-Wing, Warhammer 40,000, and Corvus Belli.

Coup Rebellion G54 has the same basic play as Indie Boards & Cards’ original bluffing game, Coup. This one, however, comes with 25 new characters.

From the designer of Escape and publisher, Evolving Games, is Automania, a Euro-style strategy game about building cars. Workers are placed to build out a player’s factories. Then cars of various types are assembled and shipped out, with income earned based on the popularity of their features.

Steampunkish space battles are the subject of Clockwork Armada. Plus miniature ships, one faction of which has wings!

Clockwork Armada

Planet Mercenary is a Schlock Mercenary roleplaying game, which is probably all I need to say about that.

And then there’s Fast & Furious: Full Throttle, a board game based on the movie series. Obviously, it’s a racing game. Movement is governed by the play of gear cards. Before each game, though, players select sets of upgrades, each of which allows a car a specific type of special move once during a race.

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