Attending PAX East and want to know who is exhibiting at what tables? We’ve been given the list of exhibitors in the tabletop hall, which currently do not show up in the Guidebook app, the only version of the program and show’s floorplan available.

The tabletop booths will be along the right (north) edge of the space, near the skybridge. From the main Queue Room entrance on up to the Lenovo Legion PC Room, the following companies will have a presence in the tabletop hall:

  • Gamewright, Q-Workshop, Asmodee NA
  • Compleat Strategist (local game store), Steve Jackson Games
  • Battleground Games & Hobbies (local game store), Level Up Dice, Fun to 11, Tectonic Craft Studios
  • CMON, Wyrmwood Gaming
  • Burning Wheel, Japanime/Global Games Distribution, Greenbriar Games
  • Modern Myths NY (“local” game store), Armor Class 10 Shirts
  • Pandemonium Games (local game store), Crit Success, Dragoon/Lay Waste Games
  • Atlas Games, United States Professional Mahjong League
  • Drinking Quest, Aviary Games, SFR
  • AdMagic
  • Greater Than Games
  • Foam Brain Games (“local” game store)

Although the PAX 2017 program book that appears in the Guidebook app doesn’t break down the tabletop hall, PAX’s Tabletop Manager has said that this year a detailed map of the tabletop area will appear in the program.

PAX East—Aviary Games

header_imageAviary Games was showing off two games at PAX East this year, Alchemy and Interregnum. Interregnum will be coming to Kickstarter soon so I really just focused on the former.

Alchemy is a game where players are young alchemist apprentices trying to master the craft. Everyone is competing against the others to craft potions while fudging other players’ crafting. The trick here is that each potion can only be crafted once. You need to see what everyone around you is doing so as not to get too far in only to have another player complete a specific potion before you.

CameraZOOM-20150306112939373Alchemy handles 2-5 players, and you can check out the rules here to find out more about how it plays. Having been successfully funded on Kickstarter, backers should be getting their copies shortly. You can also preorder the game here.