Toy Fair 2015—Tiltfactor


tilt_logo_portrait_for_webThis year Tiltfactor was showing off a new version of Awkward Moment, Awkward Moment at Work. Meant for a slightly older crown, this version is all about the workplace. It should be noted that while the game focuses on the workplace, there’s nothing particularly racy here. They state it’s a PG-13 game, so it’s more family friendly than other risque card games currently on the market.


4124b2f293b4d98d48e983207f32dac8_originalWhile at their booth, I had a great chat with founder Mary Flanagan. She’s currently running a Kickstarter project for MONARCH, a game about building the most majestic court to be named heir to the throne. While not specifically a Tiltfactor release, I figured this would be the best place to talk about it! The art she showed me for the game so far was absolutely astounding, as seen to the right. Each piece was created on scratch board, scanned, and colored using Photoshop. Players in the game will have to manage both their cities and countryside to pull in resources, make sure their people are fed and happy, and fill your royal court with the most wondrous people and things in the land. There are even ways to disrupt the court of your siblings. Of course there are times when everyone must come together to make some sacrifice for the greater good of all.

I’ve actually got a prototype of this game sitting on my desk as we speak, and hope to get in some time with it soon. Keep an eye out for a Second Look sometime before the Kickstarter project has concluded.

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Toy Fair 2013—Tiltfactor

Toy Fair 2013 Logo

Awkward Moments

Remember Zombiepox? Tiltfactor, the publisher, has a new game out for 2013 called Awkward Moments. The game plays similar to Apples to Apples. Each player has a hand of Reactions to play against different events. Each player takes turns playing the Decider, who determines the best reaction to the current event. Of course the events and responses ranges from embarrassing to hilarious. The game is aimed at middle school kids. 3-8 players, ages 12+

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