Second Look - Boardgame reviews in depth. Check out that cat.I received a nice surprise in the mail today, a DreadBall Foam Kit from Battle Foam. The kit contains 2 foam trays, each of which will fit in the Dreadball box and old the contents of the base set. I was a bit dissappointed that both didn’t fit in the box, but what I did was put one in the box and one in the lid.

The foam is excellent quality, and there’s even a harder foam on the bottom to keep the trays stable. One of the trays can fit the Dreadball cards and minis, while the other is strictly for minis. As you can see in my picture I’ve got 4 different teams, dice, cards, counters, and extra 3D printed hex bases stored with room to spare.

The DreadBall Foam Kit is $37.99, but is a great deal for people like me who are horrible at cutting their own foam storage solutions. The fact that both don’t fit in the box isn’t much of an issue, since I’m sure I can find a better case to put these in. I’m just glad my minis aren’t bouncing around loose anymore!


A DreadBall Foam Kit for Game Box was sent free for review by Battle Foam.

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