They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere!

And we aren’t talking about Tribbles.  But something just as geeky.

Settlers of Catan has done wonders to bring new life, and new people to the boardgame hobby.  Attributing the rise of boardgame popularity over the last few years back to this humble Euro, would not be out of the question.  Controversial, sure, but not out of the question.  Even The Big Bang Theory turned the classic “Wood for sheep,” line into a thirty second setup.  Now Catan has crept into two new areas of your life, inspiring platter so food in the kitchen, and fictional games on the NBC comedy, Parks and Rec.

Where’s the robber? Oh, there he is, in the hard-boiled eggs.

NPR has written up a review on Chris-Rachael Oseland’s new cookbook “Wood for Sheep:  The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook.”  In this cookbook Oseland presents multiple meals laid out in a familiar hexagonal shape.  With each land offering a different type of condiment, this book allows a host to please just about any combination of dietary needs.  Take a look at several of the setups over on Amazon.

The Cones of Dunshire, Game of the Year – Essen, 2015

And Parks and Rec went directly to Mayfair Game to have them whip up a fake home-brew boardgame for their character,  Ben Wyatt and his week-long stay at home.  In this interview, the show runners and Mayfair Games talk about how they came together, built a prototype off of the classic Catan hexes, and created “The Cones of Dunshire.”

Read the full article and see the clip at the link.


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