Beyblade Legends Unveiled by Zankye

I don’t know how this kid does it, but he does every time. YouTube user Zankye has gotten his hands on some of the upcoming Beyblades Legends releases, and showed them off last night on his live event last night.

This confirms that Beyblade Legends Beys are re-releases of earlier Metal Fusion and Metal Masters Beyblades.

In my opinion, this is a great thing. While I’d sure love some new Beys, or even some more Zero-G/Shogun Steel stuff brought over from Japan, I’m glad to see that Hasbro is trying to keep the brand alive. My hopes is the Legends becomes similar to the Transformers Generations line, where new/re-released items are added to in bits over the year.

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Toy-Fair-2014-logo-150wideSpring will see the release of a new Beyblade type. The vehicle-like Beyraiderz are used to battle over Power Tokens with a “rip and return” feature, meaning that they launch with the pull of a ripcord and, after (hopefully) attaching to a Power Token, they zip backwards to the player who launched them.

True Beyblade fans will also appreciate the customizability of Beyraiderz. By interchanging various parts, stock vehicles can be modified to optimize power, speed, or control.

Though not strictly necessary—Beyraiderz can be launched with a ripcord by hand—Revback launcher devices will be available as an option.

Beyraiderz Starter Packs, in power, speed, and control assortments, include one vehicle, one launcher, and three Power Tokens at $13 retail.

Assorted Beyraiderz Vehicle packs include one character-vehicle, a ripcord, and one Power Token for $9.

The Beyraiderz Firegate Battle Set provides opportunity for both offensive and defensive play. The gate will drop tokens on the field when one of its levers is hit with a vehicle. For a retail price of $30, the set comes with the Fire Gate, two vehicles, two Revback launchers, and eight Power Tokens.

Chamber and ramp versions of the Beyraiderz Stunt Set require certain trick shots to release Power Tokens. At $15, they include the stunt and five Power Tokens each.

Three Power Tokens and a launcher will come in an assortment of Revback Launcher sets for $8.

All sets include collector cards with codes for online play.

Then in the fall, Hasbro launches Beyblade Legends, featuring the most popular tops, characters, and sets from the history of the Beyblade line. Assorted Beybattle Tops (with a ripcord launcher and assembly tool) will retail for $9. Beyblade Legends 2 Packs will retail for $16. Beyblade Legends Hyperblades include just one top but allow additional customization options for $10.

Two versions of the Beyblades Legends Beystadium ($10) will provide variety in competition, with the Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set yet another Beystadium arena option (plus two exclusive tops, two ripcord launchers, and two assembly tools) for $30.

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