Iron LeagueIf you’ve ever wondered what you would get when you combined Terminator with Fantasy Football, Iron League has your answer. This game of two to six players puts you into an arena where teams of robots compete in sporting events. The game pieces include mini figs with interchangeable legs, arms, and weapons. Plus, the rest of the game components, which aren’t nearly as cool as a mini robot that has interchangeable arms and legs.

The drinking game has just gone over the limit with Hey Bartender! cocktail-themed party game. Players draw cocktail cards that they must mix and travel around the game board, collecting various ingredients to create the perfect drink. The first player to complete all cocktail cards in a hand wins. Pledging starts at $40 for the base set plus some fancy jumbo wooden dice.

BlackoutBlackout is a “dark adventure” game that has you traveling to the Northern Wastes, seeking out fortune and glory in mission-based adventures. Traveling through abandoned buildings revealed by hall and room sections that fit together and can be configured based on premade campaigns, or in any customizable way you want. The artwork for this game looks amazing.

In the post-apocalyptic future of Bane, only vampires, werewolves and super humans survive. So, you’d better be one of those if you want to survive. Oh, you’ll also need to be willing to hunt the other two species. The more you hunt, the more skilled you will become. The player that reaches a mastery level on their score track and has the most trophies (werewolf heads mounted over the fireplace?) at the end wins.


In the fantasy world of Cabal, players choose a group of ancient folkloric factions and try to take over each other’s region. It is a mix between deck building and tactical board gaming. Players attempt to move at least one creature into an opponent’s stronghold using well-planned strategies. The winner will succeed at his or her goal to overpower the other cabals.

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