Cheeky Camel InteriorQatar has its first game shop, Cheeky Camel, opened by a pair of gamers who have day jobs in the petroleum industry. Though on weekdays it’s only open in the evenings, the store seems to host a pretty active gaming scene in its upstairs play space.

Stay2Play is a service in Calgary that sets up restaurants and bars to host board game events. The company provides a library of games, training of staff, and publicity. So far, there 16 locations participating.

There’s a business in Milwaukee that’s planning to open a single venue to serve both video gaming and Chess tournamentsI don’t even

The Game Boutique in Youngtown, Arizona is relocating to a larger space, with expanded hours, and a different name. What’s now called The Orc’s Lair will have a grand opening event July 1st.

Playopolis Board Game CafeAlso opening in July is the Playopolis board game cafe in Rochester, UK.

A new game store will be part of the revitalization of the Bradford Mall in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Brewpoint Coffee Company in Elmhurst, Illinois already had small selection of board games for its customers but is now partnering with local Tyton Games shop to run weekly board game nights.

For nightly Ramadan break-fasts, the Almaz by Momo restaurant in Dubai serves up board games along with a North-African themed buffet.

The Ampersand Hotel in London has a game room with a variety of board games.

At The Den, a cafe in Sebastian, Florida that from the description seems to define “eclectic”, board game nights feature live music.

There are Backgammon sets in the guest rooms and giant-sized Connect Four and Jenga in the outdoor lounge of Hotel Zephyr on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.

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Small Print Board Game CafeCalgary is getting its third board game cafe. Boxcar will be located in the Victoria Park neighborhood, renting games and selling coffee, beer, wine, and food.

Prince Edward Island’s first board game cafe is to be Small Print in Charlottetown. Preparing for an opening in April, owners Jennifer Campbell and Julian Taylor are busy studying game rules.

Now open in Southampton, UK is Board in the City, specializing in games and vegetarian food.

Dice & Donuts, a board game cafe in Preston, Lancashire, UK, has secured a permanent alcohol license and will soon start serving beers and ciders.

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Vault of Midnight is opening its third comic book and game shop in downtown Detroit.

Thre guys planning the Vigilante game bar and restaurant in Austin, Texas have put a lot of time and thought in to the design of the their custom tables and lighting. In order to use them, though, patrons will have to be members of their secret society.

Matt Zaremba purchased a building in Bothell, Washington last spring with plans to open a board game store and cafe. He’s been renovating the space himself and is just about ready to open Zulu’s.

story about the business atmosphere in Nob HillOn an unassuming corner of a retail district in Albuquerque, NM is a business with paper covering the windows. A single banner is displayed in the window that shows a Meeple, a plus sign, a cup of coffee, an equal sign, and two question marks.

I think we all know where this is going.

The Empire Board Game Library will (hopefully) open this May. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the shop will feature more than 600 games from Monopoly to “games you’ve never heard of,” that can be rented while patrons sip their hot beverages. Read the rest of this entry »

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