Game Nite Issue 1I love magazines. You might say I’m obsessed with them. I love the way they look, the way columns are formatted, the oversized pictures. They are works of art.

There is one genre I’ve always felt is underrepresented in the English-language magazine world and that’s board games.

Today, a new board game magazine has just launched in PDF format online. Game Nite Magazine is a very small publication consisting of three people that features hands-on reviews, columns, interviews, and more.

The first issue includes game reviews for “Quest for the Grail,” “Small World,” and more. There are even a couple of print-and-play games in the very back.

There are also interviews with game designers Steve Jackson and Dan Verssen, as well as artist Paul Herbert.

There are book reviews, op-ed pieces, DVD reviews, and even a Letter from the Editor.

You can download the first issue of Game Nite Magazine from the company’s website today.

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