Boss Monster: Collector Box

BGM006A little more Boss Monster news for you this week. Brotherwise Games has a Collector’s Box coming out in March. It’s a cardboard lunchbox that will hold 500 sleeved Boss Monster cards, and it includes labeled dividers for all card types. There’s also 11 new cards in the box, including a new boss. These cards introduce the “Portable” keyword which will add even more flexibility to players’ dungeon designs.

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Boss Monster Custom Card Generator



Brotherwise Games has just announced a custom card generator through DrivethruCards. Now you can create your own cards for Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2, and have them professionally printed by DriveThruCards and delivered straight to your door. You can even browse through all the community created cards and order those, too. There’s already a ton of great cards on there, each for 50 cents each.

Need a Cantina Band? How about Slytherin’s Basilisk? It’s all there, and more. I can’t wait to get some custom cards made up for my sets.

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Many of you are home today celebrating Father’s Day, and hopefully that includes playing some games!

In our house we’ll be playing some Five Tribes, Star Realms, a LOT of the Pokemon CCG, Boss Monster 2, and maybe even some Heavy Steam. After all, what better way to celebrate being a dad than making your family play games with you! (half-kidding)

What has hit/will be hitting your table today?

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Boss Monster 2

BossMonster2A bit of game news today that I’m particularly excited about is the release announcement for Boss Monster 2. The game can be played as a stand-alone game or as an expansion to the first.

Boss Monster 2 is an all-new set of 160 cards with Dark Heroes and Hybrid Heroes. There’s also Epic Spells and “cycling” rooms that give players more options and flexibility. It’s basically the first game, but cranked up a few notches.

The game arrives in May for $24.99, so you’ll have to keep killing those heroes with the first game for a bit longer before getting your hands on the new stuff.


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