Winning Moves’ lead was giant pigs, or to put it another way, a Pass the Pigs Big Pigs Edition ($18). Same game, same foam pigs, just bigger. Big enough to be fun tossing around the room.

Another new game on display by Winning Moves was Brainspin ($5). This one’s a deck of cards with simple shapes and symbols. Three are turned over each round and the players have 1 minute to come up with as many answers as they can as to what each card may represent. Then the answers are compared and the player with the most unique answers wins the round.

My favorite of the bunch was Brynk ($20), a stacking game that’s also a balancing game played on top of a rolling platform.

Winning Moves’ classic reprints for 2016 include Scrabble to Go, Upwords, and The Velveteen Rabbit Game.

Scrabble to Go ($45), previously known as Scrabble Folio, is, as you’d expect, a travel version of the popular word game. It’s letter tiles snap in to the board and tile racks hide their contents in between games.

Winning Moves’ version of the multi-level word-building game, Upwords ($20), returns to the 8×8 original board configuration.

The Velveteen Rabbit Game ($15), includes flocked standee pawns and features graduated play for children ages 4 and up.

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