Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Game

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street GameDaniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated spin-off of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. New for the series is the Welcome to Main Street Game ($20) from Briarpatch. Players age 3 and up move their pieces around town picking up gifts from the various shops on Main Street. Special spaces allow them to give gifts to each other. The first to the finish line with a full backpack wins but so does the second and everyone after. This game isn’t over until everyone wins.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Welcome to Main Street Game setup

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BriarpatchUniversity Games and Briarpatch are merging with the former acquiring the latter. The companies did not announce the purchase price but did reveal that the addition will increase University Games’ domestic revenue by 20 percent.

Briarpatch specializes in preschool games and the licensing of children’s literature like I Spy and Fancy Nancy.

After the merger, John Donofrio, co-founder of Briarpatch, will join University Games as a consultant.

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