Brotherwise Games’ Unearth

From the team that brought you Boss Monster comes Unearth, a dice-placement game. Hitting store shelves in August for $34.95, Unearth has you exploring the world trying to unearth old ruins, build places of power, and restore the wonder of ancient civilizations.

Right now I’m on board for the art alone.

Hopefully the game is as awesome as it looks.

2-4 players
Ages 8+
30-60 minute play time

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Boss Monster VR

Boss Monster is getting the virtual reality treatment thanks to a partnership between AltspaceVR and Brotherwise Games. Fully compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus DK2 or HTC Vive, the game will also be playable on the desktop without a VR headset.

The game has been available to play since yesterday, so head on over and give it a shot! I’ve tried it out with the desktop client, and have actually ordered a Google Cardboard headset to give it a shot with my phone.

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Boss Monster: Collector Box

BGM006A little more Boss Monster news for you this week. Brotherwise Games has a Collector’s Box coming out in March. It’s a cardboard lunchbox that will hold 500 sleeved Boss Monster cards, and it includes labeled dividers for all card types. There’s also 11 new cards in the box, including a new boss. These cards introduce the “Portable” keyword which will add even more flexibility to players’ dungeon designs.

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Boss Monster Custom Card Generator



Brotherwise Games has just announced a custom card generator through DrivethruCards. Now you can create your own cards for Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2, and have them professionally printed by DriveThruCards and delivered straight to your door. You can even browse through all the community created cards and order those, too. There’s already a ton of great cards on there, each for 50 cents each.

Need a Cantina Band? How about Slytherin’s Basilisk? It’s all there, and more. I can’t wait to get some custom cards made up for my sets.

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Boss Monster Play Mat


Game mats are in. It seems to be a thing lately. That’s not a bad thing, of course. Mats are a great way to add something special to your favorite games. This Boss Monster mat is no exception. Laid out for 2-player games, this foam mat clocks in at an impressive 24.25 x 14.25 inches. At $19.95, you’re playing just a bit less than you would for a copy of either Boss Monster set, but this will really take the game to the next level…see what I did there?