dungeonologyDue out next month, Dungeonology is a different kind of D&D book. It has not a lick of rules for the game and probably not one thing the hard core gamer isn’t already intimately familiar with.

What Dungeonology does have is a nice selection of inspirational D&D art, easy conversational text, fold-outs, inserts, and a dragon hologram. The book contains brief blurbs on iconic D&D monsters, the risks and rewards of adventuring, beginner tips on weapon selection and marching order, highlights of magic spells and treasures, and an overview of the Forgotten Realms, including famous locations, notorious characters, and secret societies.

In short, Dungeonology isn’t a game supplement. It’s an introduction and inspiration, the kind of book you give to your young nieces and nephews to start them off on a lifetime of adventure. The kind that’ll have them choosing characters and itching to roll dice.

Duneonology ($25) is published by Candlewick Press in partnership with Wizards of the Coast. It was written by Matt Forbeck (in the voice of Volotham Geddarm) with an introduction by Ed Greenwood (as Elminster).



A complimentary copy of Dungeonology was provided by Candlewick press for review.