RESISTOREver since I saw the 1985 sci-fi movie D.A.R.Y.L., I’ve wondered what it would be like to be a super computer. Being able to automatically beat any video game would be so cool. Although, it might get boring after a while.

RESISTOR_ is a two-player card game that lets you play as a super computer. As powerful pieces of technology, players are tasked with trying to be the first to hack the other’s system in order to render it frozen and launch a nuclear attack without facing a counterattack.

It isn’t as scary as it sounds. Players create links from one base to another by placing cards on the table that connect. If you create a base-to-base link, you score a point and your opponent goes to DEFCON 2. When a player reaches DEFCON 4, his or her base shuts down and the opponent gets to set off the nukes. Resistors throw a whole new dynamic into the game.

Because of the mechanics, players must pay close attention to every action on the board. In addition to strategizing your best with randomly drawn cards, players must memorize cards in play because they will be flipped over at some point. Having a good memory will serve you well in this game.

Purple Pawn’s own Robert C Kalajian Jr. was able to check out a preview of the game at this year’s PAX East and has good things to say about it. “I really like the back and forth of the gameplay,” he said. “And the removal of cards with a resistor is played is an interesting twist.”

The game includes the following contents:

  • 43 high quality double-sided tarot sized Circuit cards including 12 Resistors.
  • 4 Mainframe cards to track your Defcon threat level (2 for DEEPRED and 2 for BLU9000).
  • 3 Action cards to keep track of which action you’ve taken.
  • Illustrated Dot Matrix-style instruction sheet.
  • 3 Piece “Console” Style Box/Deck stand.

RESISTOR_ is in the early stages of its Kickstarter campaign. The base price for the game is $20. But, you can pledge $250 for a special customized deck that will be unique to you specifically. The campaign ends April 3 with shipping expected in July of 2015.

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