Toy Fair 2013 Logo

Chompsters_onTableYes, there’s still more Toy Fair coverage. This time it’s AppTivators, a new physical element to tablet games. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the booth, so this press image is the best you’re going to get right now.

AppTivators are cool electronic toys that attach to an iPad, or Android tablet, and interact with tablet based games. The first two games that will be available are Chompsters and Robot Rundown.

Chompsters is a pet monster that you feed by playing different puzzle games. Every time you get food into his mouth, the toy will chomp. Eat something that’s bad for him, and his head basically pops right off. I was more than mildly amused at this. Yes…I’m a grown man.
Robot Rundown is a racing game where you’re dodging obstacles and other robots. The toy aspect of it has rocket boosters that light up when placed on the tablet, and another exploding gimmick when you crash. It’s a lot of fun to play, but didn’t get quite the giggles out of me as Chompsters did.

AppTivators are going be out in the public in late August. I kept hearing a price tag of around $25.