Cities of DarkscorchComing in February from archival record label, Numero Group, is Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, a “harrowing dive into the Stygian caverns of the American hard rock underground”. Following in May, the company will release a limited-edition double-LP version with a weird-fantasy adventure board game included in the album.

The game, Cities of Darkscorch, appears to be based on someone’s 1975 Dungeons & Dragons campaign—a fantasy world infiltrated by modern rock bands.

Roleplaying as any of Darkscorch Canticles’ sixteen determined bands, one to six players traverse the broken roads of Darkscorch—battling such forbidding quartets as Grimsword, Narcissus, Ass-Centaur and 97 more—to collect city banners from such pits of hard rock competition as Afterdath, Wizard’s Wellspring, and Throk,. Along the way, players may augment their bands through the use of fate cards with new artwork from the demented minds of John McGavock McConnell and Eliza Childress. The ultimate goal is Numenor, victory, and a record contract penned in brimstone, VD, and pot smoke.

Cities of Darkscorch comes with fate and foe cards; 4, 6, and 20-sided dice; and wood player tokens that double as 45 RPM adapters.

An even more limited “Supa Edition” is also scheduled for May release with a bonus 7 inch record, a custom-printed guitar pick usable as another player token, and a full-color sleeve that serves as a game board map expansion.