With a December 11th release, Clash of Rebellions Special Edition continues the Yu-Gi-Oh! machine. The booster set will retail for $9.99 and includes 3 booster packs and one of two Super Rare Cards, Ultimaya Tzolkin or Frightfur Tiger. The set also includes the return of Red-Eyes monsters. The first, Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon, is the first card that is a Pendulum Monster that’s also an Xyz Monster.

Clash of Rebellions also introduces several new Deck themes: Igknight Monsters that burn up cards to summon better cards, Aromages that pump up Life Points, and the Kozmo theme, a World Premiere Deck theme based on one of the most popular American fairy tales ever known.

Finally, the Special Edition Booster Set will also come with one of two foil version preview cards from the upcoming January booster set, Breakers of Shadow.

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