KOI82531Yu-Gi-Oh! is really the king of CCG releases. With the Clash of Rebellions Special Edition boxes you get 3 booster packs with a guaranteed 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards, plus 1 of 2 foil version preview cards of non-foil cards from the upcoming January set. The new Super Rares you can snag are Ultimaya Tzolkin or Frightfur Tiger. New themes added with these boosters include Igknights and Aromages. Igknights burn up cards in order to summon more powerful cards, while Aromages beef up your Life Points and provide other special powers as long as you’re in the lead.

We won’t be seeing these boxes until the holidays, but they’ll be worth, considering you can snag ’em for less than the price of 3 boosters alone.

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