Miskatonic Repository for Call of Cthulhu

Chaosium is joining the ranks of RPG companies offering hosted licenses for third-party publishing. As with the community content programs offered by WOTC, Mongoose, Monte Cook Games, and others, the Miskatonic Repository will allow members of the public to sell support material for Call of Cthulhu.

The program will be run by DriveThruRPG and provide art resources that contributors can use in addition to their own. They will, however, be required to use Chaosium’s style templates, which will be available for Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. And though contributors will be able to set their own prices, a portion of any revenue will of course go to the host and Chaosium.

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7th Sea Explorer’s Society

John Wick Presents has joined the ranks of publishers offering a hosted licensing community content program with DriveThruRPG. The 7th Sea Explorer’s Society allows interested third parties to produce and sell material for the 7th Sea roleplaying game without having to negotiate individual licensing arrangements. Participants can incorporate material from the game books published by John Wick Presents itself, or from any of the products uploaded by other participants as well.

Several adventures and rules options have already been posted to the Explorer’s Society. Piquing my interest, even though I’ve never played the game, is a set of Expanded Ship Rules with guidelines for sailing ship construction, customization, maintenance, and use in trade.

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Travellers’ Aid Society Enters New Era

Travellers' Aid SocietyIn the Traveller science fiction roleplaying game, the Travellers’ Aid Society is traditionally an in-game reference to a sort-of spacefaring frequent travelers club. Now, Mongoose Publishing is using that name for its hosted license for third-party publishing. Like similar offerings from Monte Cook Games, Margaret Weis Productions, and Wizards of the Coast, the Travellers’ Aid Society from Mongoose Publishing runs on DriveThruRPG and provides for greater latitude in use of Traveller game rules and setting material. Mongoose even provides free artwork and design templates.

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