CompoundedGreater Than Games, in collaboration with Dice Hate Me games, is reissuing the chemistry based Compounded board game. Due out this July, the expansion set is also in the works. You can preorder both from the company’s website now.

Players take on the role of a lab manager, hoping to be the first to create the next great chemist by combining elements to complete a compound. The player with the most compounds at the end of the game wins.

Messing with the elements can be tricky. So, if you draw a Lab Fire card, you must place a token on all flammable compounds that have not been created yet. Too many lab fires will cause an explosion, which will destroy your compound.

Players work their way up the discovery track and try to become the Lead Scientist and work toward completing the most elements.

The game has been out of print for about a year now, but Greater Than Games has been working hard on getting it back into print. Additionally, Dice Hate Me is quickly coming to the end of its production ramp up and will be delivering the Geiger Expansion to Kickstarter pledgers this summer. Expected delivery is this July. However, Kickstarter buyers get first dibs on the goods, so it may be August before the second edition of Compounded and the Geiger Expansion hit store shelves. The base game costs $35. The Geiger Expansion costs $20.


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