Cuba LibreNew from GMT Games, Cuba Libre has players recreating the situation in the country in the late 1950s. Four factions are represented in the game: the Batista government, Castro’s 26th of July Movement, the anti-communist but also anti-Batista Revolutionary Directorate, and the organized crime Syndicate.

The game can be played either solo, as 26July or the Government, or with up to four players. Each faction has separate but overlapping objectives and capabilities, providing many opportunities for diplomacy among players. For example, the Government can skim the Syndicate’s profits, while the Syndicate can call on Government forces to protect its casinos.

Factions not run by a player are controlled by the game, and even game-controlled factions will fight each other.

Cuba Libre uses GMT’s COIN (COunter INsurgency) engine, which was introduced in Andean Abyss. The game is card-driven but unlike most other card-based war games, provides a single deck from which, one-at-a-time, cards are drawn and each player in turn is able to choose either the card’s event or from several operations and special activities.

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