On its way is D&D Beyond, a new official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons. Wizards of the Coast is partnering on development of the product with Curse Entertainment, a subsidiary of Twitch. D&D Beyond will provide an electronic rules compendium, character builder, character sheets, monster tracking, and other services.

Access to SRD content and the ability to maintain some small number of characters will be possible with a free account. For more than that, Curse says there’ll be “flexible purchase options” allowing users to “pay only for the D&D content you need.” For example, a player might purchase only the options related to particular race and class selections. Alternatively, a monthly subscription will allow broader access, the ability to manage more characters, and the possibility of integrating “homebrew content.”

D&D Beyond is not WOTC’s first go at digital tools for 5th Edition. An earlier project with Trapdoor Technologies, DungeonScape, was cancelled in 2014.