Gen Con logoRecently released by Cryptozoic for its DC Comics Deck Building Game were Arrow and Justice Society of America Crossover Packs. These are $10 mini-expansions with 20-30 cards each. Next up in the series will be a Legion of Superheroes Crossover Pack in October for the same $10. And then later in the fourth quarter, or possibly the first quarter of 2016, will be a Watchmen Crossover Pack. This one will feature new modes of play, including individual hidden agendas and a traitor mechanic, retailing for $13.

Being demoed at Gen Con were two highly anticipated licensed board games, Portal and Ghostbusters.

The Portal Board Game is due in September for a retail price of $50. Not so much a reproduction of the video game experience as evocative of it, the cardboard version has players moving their test subjects through the game to earn cake. Included in the box is a Steam code for a free copy of Portal 2. And speaking of the box, it comes with this cool incinerator insert for dropping in pieces of cake.

For the Ghostbusters Board Game scheduled to ship in October at a retail price of $85, Cryptozoic had final production figures on display.

UPDATE: Somehow I forgot to mention the Portal incinerator and missed the pictures I had of it and the box.

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dc-comics-logoCryptozoic Entertainment’s superhero deck building game set in the DC universe is getting a new expansion pack this summer. The Legion of Superheroes Pack #3 will feature founding members of the original organization, including Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and more. Villains will include the likes of Time Trapper, Emerald Empress, and the Persuader. Plus, find new equipment, super powers, and locations to increase your options.

The 22-card set includes a new game mechanic called “Time Travel” that can be played in the line-up or on the Super Villain stack at the cost of discarding a card.

The expansion pack includes the following:

  • 22 game cards (eight Super Villains and 14 main deck cards)
  • 6 oversized superhero cards
  • 1 Rules card

The DC Comics Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack #3: Legion of Superheroes will retail for $10 and is expected to ship this July.

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DC Comics Deck Building Game Heroes UniteFollowing sneak peaks offered at Gen Con, Cryptozoic Entertainment made official today its announcement for the first expansion to the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. Heroes Unite will include over 200 cards at a suggested retail price of $40 and can be played by itself or in combination with the original set.


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