A line of collectible meeples is scheduled to hit retail in September. Dubbed “Mighty Meeples” by Cryptozoic, the 1 inch wooden game pieces will launch with 30 different figures based on DC Comics superheroes and villains. Ghostbusters meeples will follow in December.

Blind bags of three meeples will be priced at $3 and shaped tins with 6-7 meeples (including an oversized Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) will carry an MSRP of $15.

DC Comics Mighty Meeples

Ghostbusters Mighty Meeples

Mighty Meeples Prototypes

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The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design

The winners of the 2016 Origins Awards, as given out by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair, are:

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Inspired by the upcoming movie, Dawn of Justice, it’s a Batman v. Superman Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, $25 from Mattel.

Batman v Superman Rock Em Sock Em Robots


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About to hit retail are new 6¼ inch tall DC HeroClix figures with 3 inch bases—Batman (two versions), Superman (two versions), and the Joker. Clearly intended by WizKids and NECA more as collectors’ items than game pieces, Extreme HeroClix will be exclusive to Toys “R” Us and the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment eBay store, where they’re being paired with DC Comics DVDs for $30.

Batman Extreme HeroClix

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dc-comics-logoCryptozoic Entertainment’s superhero deck building game set in the DC universe is getting a new expansion pack this summer. The Legion of Superheroes Pack #3 will feature founding members of the original organization, including Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and more. Villains will include the likes of Time Trapper, Emerald Empress, and the Persuader. Plus, find new equipment, super powers, and locations to increase your options.

The 22-card set includes a new game mechanic called “Time Travel” that can be played in the line-up or on the Super Villain stack at the cost of discarding a card.

The expansion pack includes the following:

  • 22 game cards (eight Super Villains and 14 main deck cards)
  • 6 oversized superhero cards
  • 1 Rules card

The DC Comics Deck Building Game: Crossover Pack #3: Legion of Superheroes will retail for $10 and is expected to ship this July.

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Batman Story Cubes

Coming in September are two licensed versions of Rory’s Story Cubes: Batman Story Cubes and Moomin Story Cubes.

Rory's Story Cubes Batman and Moomin

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