Deck-Building-The-Deck-Building-Game“Deck Building: The Deck Building Game combines the thrill of building your deck with the excitement of building your deck.”

Are you confused yet?

In this card game for two players, you are competing against your neighbor to build the ultimate front porch (or back patio, if you wish). You’ll need some tools, materials, and some funds to create your ideal deck.

Players buy cards from the general deck using their pre-built three-card hand. Once you’ve got enough cards to get started, you can lay down planks, build stairs or railings, and stain your wood.

Staining wood keeps your opponent from being able to play a rotten plank onto your pretty new deck.

The game ends when one player runs out of cards or when the general deck is gone. However, the player to end his or her hand is not necessarily the winner. Your score is tallied by how many planks and ornaments are played, minus the number of rotten planks that are present.

Deck-Building-The-Deck-Building-Game 2Deck Building: The Deck Building Game was funded on Kickstarter in April of 2015. It is now available to the general public for $10 through Greater Than Games. You can order it online, or head to your local board game shop and ask them to order you a copy today (if they don’t already have some in stock, of course).

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