PAX East 2016 – Deckbound

paxeast2It’s been a long while since we’ve heard anything on the Deckbound front, but at PAX this year they were showing off their latest games using their Bitcoin Blockchain generated cards. Both Deckbound Heroes and Deckbound Quest were on display, both in beta form. I was actually informed that Deckbound Heroes will be going through an overhaul with a new engine soon.

We’ve heard a bit about Heroes before. It’s a CCG strategy game with ranked competitive play tournaments and events. They’ve now stated it’ll be out on both Desktop and Mobile, as will their single player dungeon-crawl, Deckbound Quest. Both games use a player’s Deckbound card collection, and cards can be leveled and augmented in both.

Deckbound__black-and-transI actually got a chance to sit down with Deckbound Heroes for a bit, and it’s definitely still a rough game, with more of a mobile game feel than a desktop one. The controls were still a bit clunky, the graphics unpolished, and the card system a bit confusing. I saw a bit of Heroes, as well, but didn’t get to play. Heroes is definitely the much better looking game of the pair, though to be fair it’s been in development longer.

There wasn’t much to be said about the actual technology behind the cards and how that will work in-depth, and that’s what interests me the most. I’m not getting my hopes up too high, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Deckbound will deliver something more than just a gimmick.

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Deckbound Heroes Closed Alpha Coming Soon

deckboundheroesAfter waiting for what seems like an eternity, Deckbound Heroes will be entering a Closed Alpha soon. If you’ve redeemed a Deckbound Tour Pass from one of the stands at E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Paris Games Week, Coxcon, EGX or Insomnia, or purchased an early access pack then you’re already on the list to get access. After that EVA Plexus Limited will be sending out a small amount of invites.

They stress that this is an Alpha product. There’s still gameplay issues and balancing to work out. It’s also going to focus more on gameplay than actual card ownership, though you will eventually be able to mess with that, too.

I’m really excited, and can’t wait to get my code. I bought into the “Firstborn” with the minuscule amount of BitCoin I had towards the beginning of their fundraising, and have been waiting for a release for quite some time.

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Deckbound Explorer

BitcoinDeckbound, the Bitcoin generated card system, has just announced the early release of the Deckbound Explorer. What you’re looking at is cards being generated live from actual Bitcoin transactions. Along with this release comes the Deckbound API, so you can mess around with a few things yourself, and even build your own explorer.

While actual Deckbound games haven’t been released yet, it’s great to see work being done on the project. I actually put a few Bitcoin in to help fund the first block, and I’ve very eager for a release!

For more information on the Explorer, and what goes into the makings of a Deckbound card, click here.

BitcoinDeckbound is a digital collectible card game based on Bitcoin—not a game about Bitcoin, rather a game built on the Bitcoin blockchain (its ledger of transactions). In fact, Deckbound is more than a single game.

Deckbound is a collection of digitally durable collectible, tradeable and extensible card games.

Each Deckbound card is backed by a Bitcoin transaction with an identifiable blockchain record. In this way, a permanent history enables persistent leveling and augmentation of individual cards, even as they’re traded from player to player.

New cards, meanwhile, are generated with a built-in economic rarity system. Each new block, referred to as a “genesis collection”, has a target issue size. Once that issue size has been reached, however, players can still purchase additional cards, but at a price that increases with each new copy issued.

At the same time, the system looks out for new and casual players. The release of new blocks is triggered by the value of existing blocks, making sure that there are always available cards at normal prices. All blocks are released with a number of “nomad” cards. These are cards that can be borrowed for free but can not be retained from one play session to the next (which keeps them circulating).

Deckbound’s developer, EVA Plexus, has also designed the system to be open-source and crowdfunded. There is a public API for the software running the blockchain and each genesis collection requires a certain level of public investment. Investors are then paid 25 percent of every card purchase, whether at normal price or at the higher prices of cards selling past their target numbers.

With the blockchain software already built, EVA Plexus begun testing two game applications, Heroes and Land Grab, as well as funding the first card block, Firstborn.

[via Cryptocoins News]

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