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After reviewing String Railway I was very interested to see what else Foxmind had to offer this year. From what I saw, I’m not disappointed!

Kulami: An abstract strategy game where you’re trying to capture tiles by having the most of your colored marble on them. Placement rules are simple. You can only place on the axis of the last placed ball, and you cannot place directly adjacent to the last placed ball. Very elegant and thought provoking. 2 players, ages 10+.

Six: The goal is to create one of the winning shapes with your color hexes. Once all your tiles have been played you can start to move them around to try and complete either a line, triangle, or hexagon. 2-4 players, ages 9+.

Democradiculous: A party game where names are written on a board, then questions are asked about who would be best in what situation. Players make their choices and points are scored when people choose the same answer. 2+ players, ages 10+.

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