R.A. Salvatore DemonWar- AllheartFantasy writer R.A. Salvatore, best known for his novels based on the Forgotten Realms campaign in Dungeons & Dragons, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion to his popular DemonWars: Reformation tabletop role-playing game, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter last August.

The AllHeart campaign is designed specifically for small-group, or even solo play, which is something rarely heard of in the world of tabletop RPGs.

R.A. Salvatore and his band of merry game makers is seeking crowdfunding to get the game ready for mass production. You can back the campaign with a base pledge of $25 for a digital copy, or $45 for a hardback book, plus a digital copy.

The game will feature a random dungeon generator, which will allow a player to create and play through an entire dungeon without the need of a game master.

The jousting system will allow players to set up and play through tournaments by using their character as one of the jousters. If the game consists of you and a bunch of NPCs, the results are determined by a single die roll.

R.A. Salvatore DemonWars- Allheart 2

The Fiefdom system allows the player to manage a small village, growing it into a full-fledged city.

These systems can be played as a stand-alone mini game, or incorporated into a DemonWars campaign. Players will need the DemonWars: Reformation Core Rule Book, or the DemonWars Basic Rule Book in order to play this expansion game.

Shipping is expected in November of 2015.

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