Firefly Shiny DiceUpper Deck’s long-awaited press-your-luck style dice game, Firefly: Shiny Dice, is heading to a game shop near you later this summer, set to be released this August. In the meantime, Gen Con attendees will have the opportunity to get a hands-on demo the finalized game at Upper Deck’s booth. Plus, at the convention’s dice tournament, you can play the game with other fans and enter a tournament where the winning prize is a copy of the complete game.

This fast-paced dice game is played in three rounds. In each round, players hire a crew, add passengers, and pick up supplies by rolling dice. They also roll for complications in the missions that involve meeting up with a few nefarious characters.

Players earn victory points by completing missions. They also earn them from collecting supply tokens. Victory points are worth one point each and supply tokens are worth one point for two.

The game’s dice are split into three categories. There are seven Crew dice, including Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, and Kaylee (plus supplies). There are three Passenger dice, which represent Simon and River, Inara, and Book (plus supplies).There are also five Foe dice, which represent Badger, Niska, and Saffron.

There are also 38 mission cards (with images and quotes from the show), which detail the task each player must complete. To keep your opponents from seeing your progress, there are five player screens, which have the game’s information on back to help remind you of how to play. There are also two rubber playmates to help you keep track of what your dice’s status is.

Keep a look out for Firefly: Shiny Dice late this summer or early fall at your local game shop.

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Doctor Who: Dalek Dice Out This June


Cubicle 7 is working on a dice game based on the hugely popular “Doctor Who” sci-fi television show. Dalek Dice is a stand-alone strategy game from the point of view of the exterminating extraterrestrial cyborgs.

The game’s summary is scant, at best. However, it seems that the goal of the game is to kill all the humans. The way to win is to kill more humans than your opponents.

And, apparently, you have to watch out for the Doctor because “he has a way of foiling your plans.”

The game was designed by Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello, who created the One Ring role-playing game and the Hobbit Tales card game.

The game is scheduled to launch this June for $15.

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Marvel Dice Masters Age of UltronMarvel’s newest super hero team-up movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, is now in theaters. A week from now, WizKids’ Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron will be on store shelves. So, grab some popcorn and head to your local theater to get caught up on all of the action so that when the Dice Masters game launches, you’ll be ready.

Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron is the third Marvel-related Dice Masters game and will include new characters, such as Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, and Daredevil. Plus, old characters like Iron Mad, Hulk, and Captain America, will get a refresh.

Dice Masters is a dice-building game created by the same team that designed Quarriors. Players take control of a super hero team composed of 15 dice. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s team’s life points to zero by battling head-to-head using character dice and their special abilities.

The starter set, which includes 44 dice, 38 cards, two dice bags and a rulebook, will cost $19.99. Booster packs with two character cards and matching dice will also be available for $0.99 each. Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron will be in stores May 6.