DOCS_mock-foil_ENDimension of Chaos is a new 100-card set for Yu-Gi-Oh! set to release on Halloween this year.

Dimension of Chaos introduces brand-new deck themes like creating powerful new strategies with the Majespecters, spell-casting Pendulum Monsters that can’t be destroyed by an opponent’s Monster effects, or taking control of an opponent’s Monsters with Graydles. New cards for existing themes like Blackwings, D/D, Kozmo, Frightfur, Performapal, Igknights, Odd-Eyes also make an appearance.

I’m just getting into the swing of things with Pendulum Monsters (see what I did there?) an am looking forward to trying out the Majespecters.

The breakdown of the set is as follows: 48 Common Cards, 20 Rare Cards, 14 Super Rare Cards, 10 Ultra Rare Cards, and 8 Secret Rare Cards. Each pack will be $3.99 and contain 9 cards.

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