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A Thief’s Fortune is a card game for 1-4 players and in my opinion, has a unique theme. Each player represents a different possible future of the same character. By visiting various locations, interacting with locals and making sure that certain events you have seen happen, you try to lead the thief away from danger. The concept that you are all playing as the thief but on alternate timelines feels very fresh and original to me. The game has eight days remaining on Kickstarter and can be found here.










Discworld: Ankh-Morpork has been out of print for a while now, and seems never to be in print again due to the I.P. rights. The game is still highly ranged on BGG (401 Overall) and with that in mind PHALANX has stepped up and taken the Martin Wallace’s design and has been rethemed into the realities of the myths and legends of the Victorian London in a game called Nanty Narking. Set in the world of classic English literature the game is tied to real and fictional characters and places in London. Sweeny Todd? Check. Dr. Jekeyll & Mr. Hyde? Check! Irene Adler? Of Course! (I know that I did not name any real characters, but trust me they are in there). Over 50 mini figures, 24 mini buildings, this box is packed with gaming goodness. So what happened to Nanty Narking? find out…. (Que dramatic music)

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Discworld: Ankh-MorporkOn their company’s blog, Treefrog Games stated they no longer have the license to produce any game based on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, nor is there a chance of renewing the licenses. Treefrog Games had produced the Discworld: Ankh-Morpork and The Witches prior to the license being pulled. The third game in the series, a deckbuilding resource-management game with the working title of The Gods, will not see publication. “Since Sir Terry’s passing away earlier this year there has been a change in [the Discworld’s] IP management style,” says a statement from Treefrog. “I’m sorry to disappoint those fans looking forward to the next game, just one of those things.”

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CLACKS – a Discworld Puzzle Game

Clacks-3d-box-Moist-300x277Using a semaphore system of shuttered lamps on top of high towers, the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company has revolutionized long distance communications on the Discworld. Their network of towers covers most of the Unamed Continent, but now the old postal service is fighting back.
Driven by the determination of newly ‘volunteered’ Post Master ‘Moist Von Lipwig’ the Ankh-Morpork Post Office has challenged the Clacks operators to a race from Ankh-Morpork to Genua.

Currently up for pre-order, Clacks should be releasing in early October. The game can be played 3 different ways: player-vs-player, cooperative against the game, or with an introductory childrens’ rule set.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read any of Sir Pratchett’s work, so this probably isn’t as exciting to me as it is to fans of Discworld.

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