Coco Movie Games

Disney Pixar’s Coco movie opens in a couple of weeks. Two Coco card games are available now.

There’s Coco Remember Me from USAopoly, which is a traditional Lotería game illustrated with images from the movie. Lotería, common in Mexico, is pretty much the same as Bingo but with pictures instead of numbers, and cards instead of balls or other drawing lots.

From Mattel there’s Coco Uno. Gameplay is mostly unchanged. However, the deck does include a Remember Me card. Throwing that down forces the next person to draw three cards unless they can identify from memory the previous two cards played.

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Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Codenames

USAopoly is paring together a few of its existing licenses with a new one from Czech Games Edition to publish Disney, Disney Pixar, and Marvel versions of Codenames. The first two to hit retail will be Codenames Disney Family Edition and Codenames Marvel Edition this coming fall priced at $25.

In announcing the new games, USAopoly’s John Davis said, “We’re particularly enthusiastic about the artwork, as it includes a great mix of characters and locations that Disney, Disney•Pixar and Marvel fans will appreciate,” which I gather means we’re looking at licensed versions of Codenames: Pictures.

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Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever

Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble FeverBased on the cute, stackable stuffed toys, Disney Tsum Tsum Bubble Fever from Wonder Forge is a fast-play card game in the same vein as Ligretto or Dutch Blitz. As with those, a major part of the game is to throw down cards on matching stacks. What’s different with Bubble Fever, though, is that the goal is to accumulate cards, not to get rid of them. To claim a stack, players use their bubble cards.


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Based on the true story of Phiona Mutesi, who after having dropped out of school at age 9, made her way from the slums of Kampala, Uganda to international Chess prominence. In theaters September 23rd.

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Pixar Collectible Dominoes

Disney Pixar Domino StarsAs a shopping premium, Woolworths in Australia is currently handing out collectible Disney Pixar dominoes. For every $20 spent in the store, shoppers get a single domino. The set includes 44 dominoes with different Pixar characters. There are also a variety of accessories, such as cases, tins, and stunt ramps, which can be purchased separately.

[via Mumbrella]

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Hasbro logoWhen Hasbro’s potential acquisition of DreamWorks Animation died last week, it may have been the Mouse that killed it. Reports have surfaced that Disney executives strongly disapproved of the deal. Disney licenses (including Star Wars and Marvel) are responsible for as much as a third of Hasbro’s revenue.

During the negotiations, an anonymous letter was sent to media outlets and Disney with inside information on DreamWorks’ release schedule. Disney notified Hasbro that the company would be considered a competitor if it proceeded with the acquisition.

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