A First Look at New Spellweaver Cards

The team over at Dream Reactor have announced that every Tuesday from now until the new set’s release they’ll be adding 3 or more cards into the game in regular booster packs. They are not available for crafting, and are not valid for competitive play (ranked and tournaments) until next week’s update.

This week’s cards, which are already in play, are: Felix the Lightsworn, Baseborn Recruit, and Voidtouched Subordinate.

The next 3+1 secret cards – Thianor Wolftongue, Silver Fang, Eternal Servitude, and Slave Gladiator, should be in game soon. They introduce new keyword mechanic. Thianor Wolftongue, and Epic card, will take up a Rare slot in packs for a week, so try your hand at snagging him!


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Vampire OverlordDream Reactor has just announced that two new DLC packs are available on Steam for their CCG, Spellweaver. Each $20 pack contains a pre-constructed deck (1 Hero + 60 cards) that’s balanced for play and full of theme. While the cards that come in each pack aren’t new, the DLC packs are meant for players who want to expand their collection quickly and who don’t wish to spend too much time with deck building.

Honestly, while I love Spellweaver, these packs seemed priced a bit high for what you get. Theme decks for physical decks rarely top $12-$13, and in the case of Pokemon, you’re getting both physical cards and the digital deck for Pokemon TCG Online.

If these decks sound like your cup of tea, you can snag each on Steam: Vampire Overlord / Soldier Reverence.


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