Drinking DiceWhen your friends come over for a party and you are trying to convince them to play board games with you, chances are they just want to drink. Well, now you can have it both ways with Drinking Dice.

This set of eight-sided dice is meant to replace any game’s six-sided dice. The two extra sides are for drinking. One side is the “Take a Drink” illustration and the other is the “Give a Drink” illustration.

You can add a single die to any game for casual drinking fun, or switch out all of the dice for a hullabaloo.

The retail box includes 24 dice in a variety of colors with both pips and numbers. It also comes with directions for how to play 15 Micro games that only use the dice.

Drinking Dice retails for $25 and is estimated to be available at local board game stores starting in July. However, you can still preorder the dice pack at a discounted price of only $20 directly from Bigfoot Games right now.

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