Boss Monster Custom Card Generator



Brotherwise Games has just announced a custom card generator through DrivethruCards. Now you can create your own cards for Boss Monster and Boss Monster 2, and have them professionally printed by DriveThruCards and delivered straight to your door. You can even browse through all the community created cards and order those, too. There’s already a ton of great cards on there, each for 50 cents each.

Need a Cantina Band? How about Slytherin’s Basilisk? It’s all there, and more. I can’t wait to get some custom cards made up for my sets.

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Second Look—DriveThruCards

DriveThruCards SampleAfter writing about DriveThruCards I wrote to them asking for some quality samples of their cards. Today those samples came in. What I received was several cards from a poker deck printed on thier Arjo-Wiggins blackout stock, and cards from various games on their Tango 12-point card stock. The quality of stocks is very high, much better than cards you’d see come from The Game Crafter. Then again DriveThruCards only does cards, so they can focus all their effort on a high quality product.

If you’ve got a card game you’re looking to get to market, or if you’re interested in any of the games DriveThruCards currently has on their store, you can’t go wrong quality-wise.


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Goblin Pit Fight

goblinpitfightAfter an unsuccessful funding on Kickstarter, Scribelife Games now brings Goblin Pit Fight to DriveThruCards. Why release a game that was unsuccessfully funded? They had great support and feedback from the community, and tweaked Goblin Pit Fight into a better game.

In the game, Goblins fight in the arena for fame and riches. It’s a card game for 2-4 players and plays in 30-60 minutes. You can bump the game up to 8 players with 2 decks. The object of the game is to create the best hand out of all the players, and possibly the pit itself.

Like many DriveThruCards products, you can snag the rulebook for free at the game’s page.

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dtc I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this before today, but I’m in love. DriveThruCards, by the same company that brings you DriveThruRPG, is a Print-on-Demand site for designers to sell their card games. From what I’ve heard, the quality is a bit better than The Game Crafter, but you’re only getting the cards. That means no packaging, rules, etc… You can bundle a rules download with your product, but in the end all you’re going to get are cards.

I’m intrigued, and I may just have to try something through them soon. There’s already a slew of products on the site, including some from bigger publishers like Petroglyph and Cheapass.

I really hope this takes off.

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