Toy Fair 2017—Kess Games

Kess Games is releasing an updated edition of their super-hero deckbuilding game, Emergents Genesis ($30), this August. Effectively, you’re a new hero at superhero high school, learning your powers and battling each other to be the last hero standing.

Dance Clash ($30), a party game featuring short YouTube videos of Allison Holker and Stephen “Twitch” Boss from So You Think You Can Dance? and YouTube sensation WilldaBeast Adams. The celebrities do dance moves the players have to replicate. Succeed in dance challenges and ascend to the center of the dance floor.

Super Party Battle ($30) is a drinking game-themed game featuring student cards to fight with that include silly challenges (“Jock: You must refer to all players and cards as ‘Bro'”), take that mechanics, and other abilities that affect the game. Waterproof cards and shotglass-like point markers are included.

And of course, there’s a zombie game. But no! Wait! Come back! This isn’t your standard humans vs. zombies game, this is a 1950’s Housewives vs Zombies game. In fact, it’s actually called Housewives vs. Zombies ($50). So you’re all in the suburbs, the menfolk are out at work, and wouldn’t you know it? Your cul-de-sac is being overrun by zombies. Fight ’em off! Survive! Also there’s a squishy foam brain for use as a first player marker.

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Emergents: Genesis

UIG0001 collage

Hiding in fear, The Emergents kept their super powers secret from the world. That is, until the aliens invaded. Once the alien threat was thwarted, one of their own went rogue. They haven’t had it easy, and the Emergents have setup an academy to train others with powers to protect them from falling into the wrong hands.

Coming on November 25th from Urban Island Games, Emergents: Genesis is a PvP deckbuilding game for 2-4 players. Players build their Emergent using four different classes of superpowers, action cards, and gear cards, then battle it out to the last person standing. Retail price will be $39.99.

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