Action games were the highlight of Hasbro’s Toy Fair showroom this year. Though we’ve already covered Toilet Trouble, Fantastic Gymnastics, and Speak Out Kids vs Parents, I still feel the need to include this picture of fellow pawn, Thomas, being sprayed in the face by a life-sized toilet prop (just for journalistic accuracy, of course).

Following up on Pie Face and Pie Face Showdown, Hasbro plans for this fall Pie Face Sky High ($25). It still delivers whip cream to the face but this time does it with a device similar to those carnival sledgehammer strength-testers.

Egged On ($20) looks like a carton of eggs. The eggs themselves are flexible rubber and split in two with a pretty good seal. Fill some with water or other suitable substance and then play by smashing them against your head. Egged On will be available in Target stores in March and everywhere else in May.

Simon Optix is a wearable version of the pattern-matching Simon game. The person wearing it is supposed to wave their hands in front of the visor following the flash of colors.

Bop It! Maker (fall, $20) is another pattern-matching challenge. Unlike previous entries in the series, though, this one is user-programmable. That is, the user creates their own waves, shakes, and other moves—as well as records a name for each—which the device randomizes.

New Gimmicky Fun From Hasbro

Toilet Trouble combines potty humor with the Russian Roulette-style of play that was so popular in last year’s hit, Pie Face. Players spin the toilet paper and flush the number of times indicated. Each flush has the potential to spray them in the face. For a little extra terror, add some yellow food coloring to the water.

Fantastic Gymnastics is about getting the gymnast to stick his landing after coming off the high bar. Pressing one button sends the gymnast spinning around and building momentum. Pressing the other releases his hold on the bar. Points scored depend on where he lands, assuming he lands on his feet.

Both games require batteries and currently are sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us, $20.

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